Individual, Team and Organisational Coaching

I am a certified professional coach (ICF PCC) with several years working in complex environments to change organisations and evolve the culture from the inside (Digital and Agile Transformation). I can support you and the company in individual, team and organisational coaching.

  • Individual Coaching

    Individual coaching is designed to help people create change in themselves. Usually this means improving a skill or capability in order to achieve a personal objective. In many organisations employees are encouraged to set personal objectives in line with the company goals, so one to one coaching should have a positive impact on business performance.

  • Team Coaching

    Team coaching is about the team creating collective change. It takes the growth and learning one step further than one to one coaching. So rather than individuals improving their skills and social awareness to achieve their own goals, the team is coached to work together to achieve a shared goal. Team coaching involves everyone in the team, including the leader, so there’s collective accountability and shared benefit for everyone in the team.

  • Organisational Coaching

    Organisational coaching aims at fostering positive, systemic transformation within organisations. It is frequently used to help organisations achieve strategic objectives, enhance leadership capability, and create culture change.

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