Strategy and Organisational Design

Scaling is more having all the teams working together smoothly to achieve business goals.In order to have the entire organisation to shorten the time-to-market the system has to work in its best conditions: the best organisational structure and the best way to be aware of the work in process by different levels views.

  • Strategic Lean Portfolio Management

    More demand than the organisation is capable of delivering is fundamentally a good problem. From this, arises the need to carry out a more macro-management of actions and priorities at the portfolio/major initiatives level, which should project the organisation for the future. If what is experienced is the reverse, delivery capacity must be reduced.
    It is important to visualise the flow, the status of every initiative, bottlenecks and dependencies to be aware and take data-driven decisions.

  • Data-driven Organisational Design

    Organisational design is the process of aligning the structure of an organisation with its objectives, with the ultimate aim of improving efficiency and effectiveness. Work can be triggered by the need to improve service delivery or specific business processes, or as a result of a new mandate.

    Combining Team Topologies philosophy means team interaction modes combine with awareness of Conway’s Law, team cognitive load, and responsive organisation evolution to define a no-nonsense, team-friendly, humanistic approach to building and running software systems.

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